Shipping Times

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and EU – 10-20 Business days. A slight delay may occur. Rest Of The World – 10-40 Business days. On average our items do arrive faster, but please use the above timescales as guides.

Do you provide tracking information?

You will receive your tracking information within 3-5 working days, but sometimes due to free shipping tracking is not available. If not please contact us at [email protected]

Who delivers my item(s)?

Your items are delivered by our fulfillment center and will usually reach you via your local postal service in your location, we use a non track service for free items. Please note that if you order multiple items, they may arrive separately.

What time are deliveries usually made?

Items are delivered depending on the local postal system and are usually during business hours. (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm)

I have only received a part of my shipment, where are the other items? 

Since we ship from both warehouses, some items might arrive earlier than others. If you’d like to know the status of your other items, you can track them here. 

What happens if no one is at home?

Not to worry, most of our items will be left in your postbox if they are small enough and if the postman does not have access to your postbox, it will usually be left at your local post office for you to pick up!

I messed up my delivery address, what do I do?

Do not worry, as long as you reach out to us immediately regarding the error in your address, we would be more than happy to change it for you. Just email us your full, correct address along with your order details and we would update your details for you.

Change of address after receiving confirmation of shipping

Under our terms & conditions of Cherryourshop once an order has been sent out from our warehouse, any changes to the order cannot be made and is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We provide free shipping to over 200 countries around the world*

*with some exceptions

Will I be charged any shipping, customs or duties fees?

No, the price you see is the price you pay – you won’t be charged any extra fees.

When will my item ship?

If you order an item in-stock, your order will be shipped within 2 working days. If not, it will take 3-7 days.

Can I cancel my order?

Order cancellations will only be accepted before your order has shipped. If you’d like to cancel your order, you can contact us here.

Why do you have some items for free?

We have a strong belief that style should be affordable. We often run temporary promotional free item campaigns where you will just pay for shipping and we then can do a mass fulfillment process to make this possible, similar to a Kickstarter campaign. We get value in cross-selling and hopefully having you come back to us in the future.

Why was my order canceled?

If your order was unexpectedly cancelled, chances are that our fraud filter marked your order as fraudulent. If you are certain that that is not true, please order again..